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In the meantime...

Please follow our PARISH FACEBOOK PAGE where you will find the latest updated information on parish events as well as many other insights into the life of our parish!

Our latest PARISH NEWSLETTER can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Regular Mass Times

Friday 9:00am - Childers

Saturday 5:30pm - Gin Gin

Sunday 8:00am - Childers

Sunday 11:00am - Biggenden (2nd & 4th Sunday of the Month)

Sunday 11:00am - Mt Perry (3rd Sunday of the Month)

Sunday 5:00pm - Woodgate

Other Masses and Liturgies by announcement on our Parish Facebook Page and Parish Newsletter

Sacrament of Reconciliation Times

Friday 8:30am - Childers

Saturday 5:00pm - Gin Gin

Other times may be available by appointment

If you are a Parish Volunteer or working in the parish the onus is on you to comply with all Archdiocesan policies. Safeguarding training and registration is available online - If you see any reportable occurence, please contact the Parish Office, or Stopline  - 1300 304 550.

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